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eight cavaliers passing through the gate into the sienna horizon.


50mins SSF - topic - millennium city (bash/paint) i wanted to go for a  future roman/greek sort of architecture lol

Student protesters against a China-Taiwan trade agreement barricade the entrance to the legislature in Taipei, Taiwan, Wednesday, March 19, 2014. Several hundred opponents of a far-reaching trade pact with China occupied Taiwan’s legislature late Tuesday, further delaying action on a measure that Beijing strongly favors.

(AP Photo/Wally Santana)

Dead or Reborn? Taiwanese Democracy 
The Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) in Taiwan had sent the cross-strait service trade agreement to a plenary session without being screened yesterday. More than 500 advocates and many civic groups gathered outside the Legislative Yuan in Taipei on Tuesday evening to make stern remonstrances.  Some of the protesters broke into the meeting room of the Legislative Yuan not only to show great anger but to remind the authority that “the Congress belongs to the people” and a politician should speak the voice of his people. It’s the first time in Taiwanese history for young students to occupy the Parliment. These young protesters demand President Ma and the KMT party should never pass the trade agreement without giving a line-by-line review because this deal could impact tens of millions of Taiwanese people.

While the young students and civic groups, mostly NGOs, decide to stay up all night at the Legislative Yuan until the KMT and the government admit this current agreement being invalid, the deployment of hundreds of  riot police has been made by the authority.  Having no water, food, sleeping bags, air-conditioning and even not being allowed to use the restrooms, some people  condemn the government for being inhuman and brutal.  Despite the confrontation with the riot police, those gathered at the Legislative Yuan insist a non-violent protest.  Some sit still, others sing, still others share their significant observation on the  issue.  Many protesters outside the Legislative Yuan even persuade the exhausted police to stand by the people, fighting for the rights of the citizens in Taiwan.

According to the opinion poll, more than 75% Taiwanese people demand a line-by-line review of this controversial deal; however, the pact has been described as an “under-the-table” trade agreement without consideration of most Taiwanese people.

Citizens of Taiwan are now occupying the Legislative Yuan, opposing the unjust passing of Cross-Strait Agreement on Trade in Services (兩岸服務貿易協議). The police are gathering outside the building and preparing to clear the protesters.
This moment is critical for the future and democracy of Taiwan, we need the world’s attention. Please share the news to everyone you know, and translate it to other languages. (Please post the translation in the comment of this post, I’ll add it in). God bless Taiwan.
[French] (感謝Calvin Pai & Peggy): Les citoyens de Taïwan s’emparent maintenant du Yuan législatif (le parlement), s’insurgeant contre le passage en force de l’accord inter-détroit sur le commerce et les services entre la Chine et Taiwan. La police se mobilise à l’extérieur du Parlement et se prépare à réprimer les manifestants.
Ce moment est décisif pour l’avenir et la démocratie de Taiwan, nous avons besoin de l’aide du monde entier. Veuillez partager cette information avec tous les gens que vous connaissez, ou de la traduire en d’autres langues. (vous pouvez attacher votre version de la présente traduction dans les commentaires de ce post, je les ajouterai). Dieu bénisse Taiwan.)
[Japanese] (感謝Makoto Mimazaka和黃弱) 世界の皆様へ:  ただいま台湾の国会は民衆により占領されています。先日に「両岸(台湾と中国)サービス業貿易協議」法案が無理やりに可決されたことが原因になっています。  その協議は、とてつもなく不平等で、数多くの市民と学生が国会で反対運動をしています。但し、政府はいま鎮圧部隊を集めており、台湾を守りたい民衆たちを強制的に解散しようとしています。  今こそは、台湾にとって大切な時です。世界諸国からの支援と注目を頂きたいです。  もしこのメッセージをご覧になったら、台湾のためにシェアして頂けませんか。そして、少しだけでも、台湾の民主と未来のために一緒に祈って頂けませんか。  ご注目、誠にありがとうございます。
[Korean] (感謝李丞凱) 대만 시민들이 어제 입법위원의 “양안(중국과 대만)복무무역협의 (兩岸服務貿易協議)” 부정당한 심사를 반대하기 때문에 지금 항의 표시로 입법원을 점령했습니다. 폭동 진압 경찰도 모이고 있는 걸 보니 시민들을 입법원에서 강제로 쫓아낼 것 같습니다. 대만의 민주와 미래의 결정적인 순간이라서 전세계의 주목이 급히 필요합니다. 이 메시지를 공유해 주시기 바랍니다. 감사합니다.
[German](感謝Joey Cheng) Bürger von Taiwan jetzt besetzen die Legislativ-Yuan (Kongressgebäude), gegen die Ungerechtigkeit Weitergabe von Cross Strait Abkommen über den Handel und Dienstleistungen ( Cross-Strait Agreement on Trade in Services ). Die Polizisten sind außerhalb dem Gebäude sammeln und um die Demonstranten zu löschen vorbereiten.  Dieser Moment ist kritisch für Taiwans Zukunft und Demokratie. Wir brauchen die Aufmerksamkeit von der Welt. Bitte teilen Sie die Nachricht auf alle Sie kennst, und übersetzen sie in andere Sprachen. Gott segne Taiwan.
[Vietnamese](Queenie Khuu Chanh提供) Công dân Đài Loan hiện vẫn đang tập trung tại tòa nhà Legislative Yuan, nhằm phản đối sự bất công trong việc thông qua hiệp định Thương mại Dịch Vụ xuyên eo biển. Cảnh sát cũng đang tập hợp bên ngoài tòa nhà và chuẩn bị đàn áp những người biểu tình.
Đây là thời điểm rất quan trọng quyết định tương lai và sự dân chủ của Đài Loan. Chúng ta cần được sự quan tâm của thế giới
Xin hãy chia sẻ tin tức này đến những người bạn biết. Và dịch thông điệp trên thành những ngôn ngữ khác.
(xin hãy post bản dịch vào phần bình luận của bài đăng trên, Tôi sẽ thêm nó vào.)
Chúa lun bên cạnh Đài Loan


Favorite of 2013: Hair at Dolce Gabbana S/S 2014 swept “up into roman crown style studded with flowers and touches of gold" by hair stylist Guido Palau 

Stella Tennant closing Tom Ford Fall 2014